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Nebula Notebook is a place to meet kindred spirits, get inspired, and learn how to find ease and joy in the creative process, even when life is bananas.

The name is inspired by the notebooks I start every time I decide to work on a new project. I call them my nebula notebooks to encourage my brain to slow down, dream, and explore, as though I was floating through a beautiful nebula. In this nebula notebook, you’ll find creative manifestos, interviews with creative mothers, fresh inspiration, and helpful essays on children’s books, creativity, and motherhood.

These are a few of my favorite interviews…

Noha Beshir: Making Up for Lost Time

Kristen Drozdowski: Painting a Doorway to Self-Discovery

Rebekah Taussig: Rewriting Your Own Story

Personal essays…

What I Do When I Have Two Hours to Work

The Life Changing Magic of NOT Using a Planner

And practical guides on publishing…

How to Return to Your Creative Practice After a Long Break

What Genre Is This?

How to Write a Book Proposal

I’m your host, but this is truly a shared project, where we make art, muddle through motherhood together, and cheer each other on. Here’s what to expect here on Substack.

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The world needs more art—especially from mothers! We’re building a beautiful community together. This is a place to meet kindred spirits, celebrate creativity, and get inspired. We share many of the same interests, values, and experiences, and that matters. It connects us. And celebrating that connection makes it stronger. It tells the world we matter.

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Hi I’m Heidi!

Your Guide in Creativity and Motherhood

Writer, editor, and creative coach, I’m here to help you find ease and joy in the creative process, so you can keep going—even if you only have a few minutes a day to make something.

When I became a mother, I learned how to write books in small pockets of time, and I loved having something that felt like it was all mine. Over time, I came to see myself less as someone who needs to produce and prove herself and more as a creative creature who is here to witness, make meaning, and express my ideas. It made me a better writer and a better mother. 💛

I’ve helped hundreds of writers learn how to make creativity a meaningful, nourishing part of their lives, and I’m here to support you too. I work with everyone from award-winning authors to new writers who are just starting to take notes on their ideas. I offer workbooks, manuscript critiques, and creative coaching at helloheidifiedler.com.

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Meet kindred spirits, get inspired, and learn how to find ease and joy in the creative process, even when life is bananas.


Writer, editor, coach, and mother, I've worked on hundreds of children's books. I also write about creativity and motherhood, sharing simple, easy ways to feel energized and inspired, so you can keep going, even when life is hard.